Jamie Knight
Sat, 01/04/2020 - 19:12

Space and VR are an ideal match, the simplistic geometry of planetary bodies can easily be rendered at high frame-rates on modest machines, and VR is the only medium which can convey the epic (and honestly, quite terrifying) sense of the scale of our universe from the comfort of a bed.

So it's of no real surprise, that there are already a bunch of titles out there that combine the two, such as Universe Sandbox and Space Engine. But while these other titles aim to give us a galactic size sandbox, Titans of Space PLUS instead presents a linear curated journey across just our local solar system.

It's clear from the various rough edges that this project is a relatively low-budget labour of love, from a clunky interface that was likely built by a programmer rather than a UX designer, to the uncut narration complete with audible breathing and the occasional slip-up.

But what it may lack in production values, it makes up for in soul; the developer's passion for the subject brightly shines through these imperfections, and the little narrator robot (who can be toggled on/off) expresses a genuine and contagious enthusiasm for the subject.

The full tour with the narration enabled will last for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on how long you spin around the various celestial bodies before moving onto the next scene. But it does also offer a shorter version of the tour that takes around ~20 minutes.

I really quite liked the passive nature of the tour, it reminded me of those classic "Edutainment" Disney EPCOT rides back in the 80's where you sit in your dark-ride vehicle and get whisked away from reality for a while. But on the flip-side, this lack of interaction does result in very little replayability.

I could see myself possibly returning to it a couple of times to just chill out, and its choice of ambient music is easy good for chilling out to, but I could also see folks doing the tour once and being done with it.

Thankfully, it's priced reasonably at £7.99, which puts this on par with a 3D cinema ticket, and a fraction of the cost of a real trip up there!